Detoxing is a state where we go inward to work on ourselves on a cellular and energetic level through the removal of toxic foods, substances, and mindsets. We allow our bodies to recalibrate and come back into balance. We tune into our intuition with the clarity that comes from allowing healing to occur. Resetting digestion, stimulating the lymphatic system, boosting immunity and calming the nervous system...It's all connected!


Our bodies know what they need. Yet the greatest challenge is to create the space in the busyness and the noise to make the shift. We reconnect with ourselves by connecting with the Earth. Nature has all the answers. Let's listen.

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be strong, be clear
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My love for detoxing began with my addiction to the heated yoga studios I've been a part of for the past decade. I love to sweat, to move my body, to feel open, spacious, and clear. Adventurous at heart, my travels brought upon many health challenges such as parasites, bacterial overgrowths, and hormone imbalances made worse with food intolerances, frequent jetlag, poor digestion, stress, and adult acne. Always in a quest for vibrancy, I gravitated towards the Living Foods destination that is Ubud, Bali.


After studying Culinary Nutrition with Matthew Kenney, I received my Raw Food Chef Certification with Seeds of Life and have trained with Sayuri. I have traveled the world to write about the Farm-to-Table scene for a series called Wildly Gathered Guides and have spent much time learning about Ayurveda and undergoing Panchakarma in India. I'm passionate about Chinese Medicine, Adaptogenic Herbs, and Natural Skincare and can be found indulging in the Spas of Koreatown in Los Angeles or the gorgeous Hammams of Marrakech. I'm thrilled to share my studies and experiences with you here so you too can eat, juice, scrape, brush, flush, and sweat your way to vibrancy! Gut health and gut instinct are at the Core of everything we do.


Nuture your inner gardens...
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7 days to greater clarity through stripping back the clutter, flushing stagnation, and resetting your mind and body.


Deepen your knowledge of the Art of Detox.

This is a comprehensive and holistic program that serves to educate you on the most effective tools and practices that are used around the world for eliminating toxic buildup. Ease your way in and ease your way out by learning about transition diets, clean up your kitchen and your self-care routines, study your digestion and colon function, learn about the systems of your body so you can come back into alignment and feel lighter and brighter! 

Once you make the commitment and invest in your health, your journey begins with a series of on-boarding emails to help you plan for your detox at the right time for you. Get instant access to the program but be sure to set yourself up for success through preparation, knowing what to expect, and creating space for yourself to go inward. 


7 Day Detox is an approachable yet scalable protocol that guides you to transition in and out of a 3-day fasting window that can be extended to as many days as feels right for you. Purchasing the program means you can use these tools whenever you need! Aim for 3-4 detoxes a year, going deeper when you are ready.


One day at a time.


Prepare your mindset, source needed supplies that may be harder to find such as food grade bentonite clay, psyllium husk, charcoal, an enema bag, and Gua Sha tools, and integrate concepts like Alkaline vs Acidic, Food Combining, and when would be the appropriate time for fasting during the menstrual cycle. This serves to introduce Phase 1, where we slowly reduce then stop your intake of meat, dairy, gluten, grains, soy, eggs, caffeine, processed foods, refined oils, spice, table salt, sugar, alcohol, and known mucus forming foods. We eliminate these foods so that on Day 1 we begin already in a level of detoxing. 

Day 1


Learn about the Levels of Detox, understand Alkaline vs. Acidic, introduce breath-work, gratitude practices, cold shower, and 30 minutes grounding yoga to help you drop in and "Open up".

Day 2

〰️  RAW FOOD  〰️

Learn about the systems of the body, Food Combining, and begin to integrate Morning Rituals from Ayurveda, breathe, and meditate. Learn about the various kinds of rest and find your fire in 30 minutes "Fire + Flow" Yoga. Start your juicing routine!


Day 3


Today is about cleaning up digestion, the kitchen, and skincare products, and learning about GI Brooms and Enemas to prepare to start the first one the following day. Morning Rituals include "Twist + Release" Gentle Flow Yoga and a guided Intention Setting Meditation.


Day 4

〰️  JUICE, BROTH   〰️

Fasting Begins! Consuming 1.5-2L of green juice, we juice feast instead of fast. Nighttime Rituals are added to include Dry Brushing, scrubbing, and Natural Skincare techniques. Visualize your Dream-day in a guided Meditation. In Yin Yoga, we "Soften In" to complement mantras about receiving.


Day 5

〰️  JUICE, BROTH  〰️

Fasting, Day 2. Consume 1.5-2L of green juice on this day, themed Spa Day! More on Gua Sha, the lymphatic system, and cleaning up skincare. A guided Metta Meditation aids in opening the heart and attracting abundance. Movement is Yin Yoga, "Open Up", a heart and sacral chakra focused class.

Day 6

〰️  JUICE, BROTH  〰️

Fasting, Day 3. Consume 1.5-2L of green juice. Today is about Vegal Toning, the nervous system, and working on transmuting toxic energy. Indulge in an Ether Element/Third-Eye Chakra focused Sound Medicine Journey. "Wring it Out" Yin Yoga supports the detox with gentle twisting.

Day 7


Today we break the fast slowly and mindfully. More dynamic Yoga + Pilates class helps to embody the lightness.


** Feel like you need a different movement class other than what is offered each day? The Membership is also available with a 7-Day Free Trial should you need more.




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Are you ready?

One click access to the full program where you can download all the resources for use year after year. 

Consider this your new quarterly detox protocol. Go as deep as you'd like when the time is right for you.

Need additional support? I am always here to answer your questions - anna@annabek.com.

You got this!


Anna Bek

What people say...

"Anna inspires my health journey on all the levels of my being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She gives presence to the body in a holistic and wholesome way. She has taught me about receptivity and moving from a listening space when interacting with my body and its needs. I highly recommend Anna’s innovative and creative detox program crafted out of experience and passion. It is truly designed to transform you inside and out."

Jill L.