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EARTH'S PHARMACY The volatile aromatic compounds found in the petals, seeds, stems, roots, leaves, bark, resin and other parts of the plant play a vital role in its protection, warding off pests, and healing it from injury and infection. Essential oils are considered to be the immune system of the plant. The use of these potent oils means receiving the essence of the plant that it has been extracted from aromatically, topically, or internally. 



Diet as well as the knowledge of using seed oils (ie. sweet almond, castor, jojoba, shea butter) to nourish, calm, and defend my skin, were pivotal in what got me out of adult acne and to feeding my gut back to health. I discovered essential oils through creating my own skincare products as I also dove deeper into the power of plants and their ability to heal. The oils are food for the skin. There is a teacher of mine who really explains the seed oils in a way that will make you rethink your skin routine. Because of Susan M. Parker and her amazing book, The Power of the Seed, I now travel with a tub of shea butter for the base of my face cream and body lotion and use a double boiler to blend other nutrients from oils I find locally like rosehip seed, tamanu, and black cumin seed and then I put in those tiny magical drops of essential oil (EO) for their therapeutic properties and fragrance too. Et Voila!


Learning about the oils has helped me maintain healthy skin no matter where I am in the world or what season without having to rely on a brand I may no longer have access to. Like seed oils, Essential oils contain a variety of protective, antibacterial, antifungal, and regenerative purposes. And for me, they elevate the spirits of my students in yoga classes and help them feel grounded, supported, and more present. I create blends for rolling onto my skin for perfume instead of using chemical fragrances, which allows me to wear scents that cater to my mood. I transform spaces with a diffuser of eucalyptus. I dilute them for hydrosols, flavored water, and auric sprays and I ingest them as supplements and in culinary applications. I've recently gotten into the habit of flavoring my water with lemon and my cacao with a blend of wild orange, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, clove, and cinnamon. 

PLANT POWERED I’ve chosen to align myself with dōTERRA because of their co-impact sourcing, purity, and transparency as a company. They go to outstanding lengths to find the highest vibrational spaces and then partner with farmers to directly impact their communities, creating a sustainable business that also considers the impact on the land. They source over 100 oils from 40 nations and are at the forefront of finding something new. Lemon from Sicily, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, Wild Orange from Brazil, each oil is derived from a plant thriving in its environment.  


Collaborative leadership is the way in which we team together to share and sell these oils. The community of San Marcos La Laguna supported me in a time of immense growth and transformation while in Guatemala. I have so much gratitude to the lands and the indigenous people who look after it, that I felt called to join Hayley and Randi of the Kula Collective, in sharing the oils as part of the Forest Family at the Yoga Forest as a way to stay connected and to continue to contribute in some small way to the magic happening there.

building communities

THE FOREST FAMILY is a wellness community of conscious individuals sharing health education, lifestyle tips and resources about natural solutions using pure plant extracts for health care and wellness, primarily through the use of Essential Oils. We are a network of visionaries working together through collaborative conscious leadership, empowering people to achieve their health and wellbeing goals, and live the lives they dream of, co-creating an abundant future for all. 

THE FOREST FAMILY FOUNDATION is a Guatemalan non-profit organization that provides funds for humanitarian projects in the indigenous community of Lake Atitlan. The Yoga Forest through its Forest Family is committed to creating a model of inclusive abundance through dōTERRA partnership. 25% of all membership proceeds are given to the Forest Family Foundation, currently supporting the San Marcos Birthing Center and the local fisherman organization, RUKUX CHUPUP, and Heart of Tul, in order to promote lake health awareness and continue their efforts to plant Tul around the shores of the Lake. The Forest Family Foundation works to preserve cultural heritage, shared traditional skills, and wisdom through empowering individuals and local community initiatives.


I have chosen to join giving 25% of all membership proceeds that pass through me to the Forest Family Foundation. Additionally, dōTERRA has their own Healing Hands Foundation to support communities in need, also offering to match certain fundraising initiatives by Wellness Advocates like me. 

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ENRICH YOUR LIFE Essential Oils from dōTERRA provide me with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products, which for me is super important for my adrenals, liver, and allergies. It's really nice to have gentle yet effective solutions for whatever comes up. If you'd like to start enriching your life with the oils, consider ordering through me and sign up for our newsletter, where I highlight an EO per month and show blog posts with recipes. You can also follow me and my stories on IG @missannabek for more.



TWO CHOICES You may use this link to purchase your dōTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receive 25% off your order, and have the option to build a business in the future if you wish. My enroller ID should come up as 7268581.


Also, you may consider building a business with dōTERRA, by becoming a part of our team from the Forest Family as a Wellness Advocate receiving the support and inspiration each month from the team who is #1 in all of Guatemala! Use this link as well and choose Wellness Advocate instead of Wholesale Customer.


If you prefer having me set up your account and you know which enrollment kit you'd like, please fill out this form. Looking for more information about becoming a Wellness Advocate before you jump in? Sign up below and I'll onboard you with more detail on what its all about.


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We are building a community of like-minded wanderers and dreamers. Together we can encourage others to feel fully alive in their bodies through nomadic living, self-care, and yoga.



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This is a site about the wabi-sabi nature of slow travel, photography, and sacred movement. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, I look to empower others to create the life they love.

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