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October 19-25th, 2019



Sol + Tonic

A luxury retreat in the heart of Ibiza, nestled in amongst the stunning nature, with sunrise views and ocean nearby. Join Anna Bek & Jo Lewins for 6 nourishing days and immerse yourself in daily yoga, meditation, healing treatments, farm-to-table meals and excursions to some of the most sacred spaces on the island.


Drop into your practice with morning and evening group classes of yin yoga, hatha yoga, and vinyasa flow yoga to help open the body, find flow by linking breath with movement, and tame the mind to guide you deeper into meditation. Together we will explore our edges, working through the things that we yearn to let go of so we can create the space in our lives to call in those things we wish to see and attract. 


The feminine energy of the island and its history of being the hippy haven supports our time together as we wander through scenic hikes overlooking the magnetic island of Es Vedra, settle into the stillness of soundscapes with local artists, and nourish our bodies with freshly harvested produce from our farmer friends. 


Daily excursions include soul reviving sun-bathing at the beach, where you can swim in the calm salty waters of the Mediterranean for as far as the lungs can carry you, night swimming with the bioluminescent plankton off the shores of Punta Galera, browsing the hippy market of Las Dalias, and dining all together with the farm-to-table experts of La Granja.

As part of our Sol + Tonic retreat, Joanna will be weaving in teachings from the Reiki Lineage, assisting you into a deep, healing journey and guiding you to listen to your own internal compass. Each day in our workshops and ceremonies, we will work with one chakra, and connect to the element associated with that. The practices and excursions will align with whichever one we are focusing on to enhance the process. It’s about bringing awareness to self, and also learning tools that you can take with you beyond our time together on the retreat. As an additional offering, Joanna will be gifting the Level 1 attunement for those who wish to receive and deepen their connection to the light.

Sample Itinerary

8am: Juices & Teas
9am​-11am – Morning Flow & Meditation
11-12 – Brunch
12-5pm – Workshops / 1:1 Treatment Sessions / Free time at the ocean
6-7pm – Yin class and Meditation / Sound Healing

7.30pm – Dinner
9pm - optional excursions out to dinner, night swim, roam Dalt Vila, Las Dalias Hippy Market, etc.


Anna Bek

Anna Bek is a yogi, DJ, and storyteller with a nomadic spirit. She helps bring people back into their natural rhythms through sacred movement, ancient philosophies, self-care, and sound. By cultivating positive habits, she is empowering others to turn routine into ritual, finding creativity in the mundane. She enjoys crafting soundscapes to help motivate the movement and realign specific chakra points with live and prerecorded sounds. Each yoga session with her is tuned to a unique rhythm and intended to connect like-minded beings to elevate consciousness and inspire change.

Jo Lewins

Jo Lewins is a passionate Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Water Healer, who has also studied many other modalities in the Sacred and Healing Arts over the last few years. She shares her gifts through 1:1 sessions, workshops and teachings across Europe and Bali; creating safe and sacred spaces wherever she goes, working holistically and as a channel to take people on their own inner healing journeys. With her big open heart, soft music and her light essence, you will surrender into ease in her presence. 


food by Abi Fox


Abi Fox is a Creative Plant-Powered Chef, Wellness Coach & Inspirational Speaker. As the Chef and founder of ’The Food Alchemist Ibiza’ she transforms the best variety that nature has to offer into delicious, flavoursome food, inspiring even the most unconfident cook to bring some nutrition & creativity to their cooking. The Food Alchemist Ibiza serves up delicious, nutritious, plant-powered food in a place you can connect and grow with like-minded foodies whilst truly caring for and nourishing your body & soul.


Abi came alive when she started to learn about food and nutrition and how good it can make you feel! Her journey with food has evolved with a lot of curiosity, experimentation and passion for good nutrition and food packed full of flavour! It gives her so much joy to offer nourishing, healthy dishes whilst bringing people together over a shared vision of living conscious, healthy and connected lifestyles. 


What we serve is more than just food. It’s energy, it’s love and it’s magic on a plate that inspires your creative, healthy self to flourish. 

about the venue

The Chettinad, nestled on 25.000 square meters of private land, is a peaceful haven in the hills overlooking the rural Sant Agusti valley on the island of Ibiza. The air feels pure and clean, and the view of distant peaks piercing through the morning mist is a perfect way to start off your holiday or day of healing, pampering or yoga practice.


The hillside property features a centuries-old "finca", or traditional farmhouse, one adobe cottage, and two detached stone dwellings which are one-of-a-kind in terms of scope and sensibility. The finca and all guest housing have been lovingly restored resulting in a delightful blend of classical architecture, modern interior design and 21st-century conveniences like wi-fi and high-speed Internet.


Architectural integrity that evokes agrarian life in 17th century Spain... four-foot-deep stone walls which offer the dual comforts of natural temperature control and privacy, high beamed ceilings, and an abundance of light streaming in through floor-to-ceiling retractable glass doors, skylights, and windows... are all hallmarks of the main house at The Chettinad.

The Chettinad House interiors feature white-washed walls, floors, and ceilings that are punctuated by dark woods and colorful textiles from Asia, India and the Middle East. The common living area, with fireplace and flat screen TV, is hearth and heart of the home which includes eight double-occupancy bedrooms, five bathrooms, and six outdoor patios.


A terraced swimming pool, framed by extra-large group seating and dining, is the focal point of the main house's exterior. But natural rock landscaping, beds of fresh herbs including mint and rosemary, trees bearing almonds, figs, pomegranates and oranges, and hammocks dotting the property all vie for attention and pride of place, giving guests many options to choose from when in search of a chill zone or a secluded place to reconnect with nature or one’s self.

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6-nights at the Chettinad

2x daily yoga classes

Plant-based brunch and dinner

Sound Healing

Cacao Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance

Hiking to view Es Vedra

Beach day at Cala d'Hort

Farm dinner at La Granja

Las Dalias hippy market visit

 Massage Package



Airport transfers are not included in the price.

Private transfers can be arranged.


1 Bedroom remains.

The room can either be for two people shared from 1500€ per person or 2000€ if only one person.

*Book your special space with us first before paying your deposit as room choices are now limited.

IG DM @missannabek or @love_yogi or send an email to anna@annabek.com to lock in the right room rate for you.

Full payment is required at this time via Transferwise or bank transfer. Details will be provided for the transfer. Credit Cards and Paypal are accepted with a 5% charge for their fees.


The full remaining balance is to be paid 60 days before retreat commences (). If for any reason you have to cancel your stay, you will be paid back, minus the 500€ ($550USD) deposit, as follows:

- less than 40 days before retreat starts – 0% refund

- more than 40 days before the retreat starts – 50% refund

- deposits are not refundable but are transferrable to future Anna Bek Retreats

If in the unlikely event that we have to cancel the retreat, all guests will be paid back in full within 14 days of being notified. We are not responsible for any additional costs that are lost outside of retreat costs. Please ensure your passport is valid and you have the appropriate visa if required. All classes are optional and schedule is open to change.


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Often our lives are so busy we cannot make or curate the experience we want for ourselves. I like to offer a way for you to feel embedded in the culture yet with a true sense of feeling looked after and supported in your yoga immersion. We've done the leg work, the curation, the vetting process, the thinking and planning. All you need to do is to surrender to the experience and drop into yourself. My wish is for you to walk away feeling light, healthy, happy, with a greater connection to yourself and to the island we call home 🌴 -  anna

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When was the last time you sat, and breathed, and just allowed yourself to be still, nowhere to go, nothing to do? Without the distractions of phones, thoughts… life? Often we don’t take the necessary time to unwind, integrate, be, until our physical body is calling out to us with illness, pain and possible disease. It’s only then that we stop and potentially attempt to cure, rather than heal why this is appearing in the first place. Our bodies are so clever, and physical ailments are just a sign that something is out of alignment on an emotional & spiritual level. - Jo