Feel Alive In Your Body!

Through the years, I found a primarily Raw Vegan Diet and Plant-based Diet to be the thing my body responds to the most. I must tell you that I am not 100% raw, organic, or vegan...but I am 100% human and I can't not indulge in some occasional cheese, fish, or cooked plant-based food. In colder months, plant-based is great with warm and hearty soups, roasted vegetables, legumes, and baked gluten-free treats. I believe in the benefits of consuming essential nutrients in their whole form whenever possible and look to my digestion and food combining a lot. I also listen to what my body needs. This last one is the most important!


I think Raw Food is often misunderstood. It isn't that I just eat a lot of raw vegetables (although I do that a lot) it is about making a conscious choice to eat foods in the form where the nutrients are most bio-available. I like sprouts, fermented foods, and using whole and clean organic and seasonal ingredients. I like things that are simple and accessible. I know my farmers and how they grow their food. I eat a lot of produce that has been picked only a few days before at the optimal time.


In my mid-20s, when my yoga practice had gotten a lot deeper and more consistent and in a time when I held a lot of emotional and traumatic stress, I had terrible adult acne. It was a primarily raw and vegan diet as well as removing many common allergens that things were able to turn around. However in 2014, I moved to Tokyo to work for a tech start-up and it was in a time that as a pescatarian who was now gluten intolerant, it meant that I ate a lot of white rice and raw fish. I avoided all the things (with time-consuming attention to translate ingredients not listed in English) that I knew made me sick or caused my face to break out. However, it wasn't until after I came home frail and malnourished that I realized it was less about what I avoided that was important and more about fueling myself with all the good stuff! Now I see food as medicine, knowing that what I consume will keep my body strong, my skin glowing, and my mind and hormones in check. I also look to natural skin care to feed my skin.


To dive deeper, I trained with and was certified by Plantlab Culinary (formerly Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy) in Culinary Nutrition and I also obtained my Raw Food Chef Certification through Seeds of Life in Bali, Indonesia with Sayuri Tanaka and Ben Richards. Through this most critical time in my life, I was able to turn my hormones around and begin feeling strong in my body instead of high-risk anemic.


I hope my journey towards whole living can be inspirational for you too. My wish is that we can all learn how to nourish ourselves so that no matter where we are, we have the tools to feel our best.


- Anna



We are building a community of like-minded wanderers and dreamers. Together we can encourage others to feel fully alive in their bodies through nomadic living, self-care, and yoga.



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This is a site about the wabi-sabi nature of slow travel, photography, and sacred movement. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, I look to empower others to create the life they love.

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