We are building a community of like-minded wanderers and dreamers. Together we can encourage others to feel fully alive in their bodies through nomadic living, self-care, and yoga.



This is a site about the ethereal magic of spiritual creativity. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, I look to empower others to create the life they love.

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“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

– Peter Adams

Growing up in the darkroom has been one of the greatest gifts to my photography career. I still remember the first time I saw the image captured appear onto the paper in the tray of chemicals under the red safelight. Magic. Developing my own film and prints was a huge part of my every day and has influenced the way I perceive life - seeing the frames as moments in time worthy of being studied, captured and preserved. I am very much a romantic when it comes to the craft, having fallen in love with photography well before the first digital camera.


 While I still enjoy shooting analog, the way I approach digital media has also been informed by working in Hollywood and studying Art History, Conceptual Photography, Cinematography, and working in Visual Effects from my time at the University of Southern California. Each frame is an opportunity to express my ideas, to capture beauty the way I see it, and most importantly to connect with diverse people around the world. I have so much gratitude for what I have learned through the subjects I photograph.

I began working in music-related shows while in High School in Nashville, TN. I'm most proud of the feature film The Porchlight Sessions that was made for the Bluegrass Music community through my boutique Production Company, Pineview Pictures. 


I now offer my services as a Director, a Photographer with attention to styling, architecture and design, as well as Visual Effects Production. My mind has worked in Photoshop layers since 2002, I have had clients in AR and VR, spent mant years working festivals and touring with bands and at networks such as ABC, Netflix, FX, and Facebook. Please inquire about your project or idea so we can envision something magical together.


Endless creative possibilities 💫



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