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Cucumber Mint Lemonade

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

For the past few years, I have been teaching yoga and body-sculpting in the heat at a studio I've also been practicing in for over 7 years. Being in and out of a room that is over 102-108 degrees F as well as living in Southern California means it's been important to really consider hydration and replenishing electrolytes. The heatwaves compounded upon the days I had to teach in the studio one summer inspired this one. There was literally nothing we could do but add ice to everything to keep our body temps down. Not only is hydration important in hot environments but it is also very important for proper digestion and for clear and plump skin. I am a firm believer in hydration in all its forms - from eating a high-water volume diet of raw vegetables, fruits, and salads to drinking plenty of alkaline water, lemon water, coconut water, and aloe vera juice. This recipe should make your taste buds sing and your body jump with that extra bit of energy it needs when things get a little over heated.

Wonder what is so good about aloe vera juice? Aloe contains a high concentration of MSM and polysaccharides. MSM helps with skin and hair, muscle soreness, elasticity, brain function, alleviates pollen and food allergies, may help with arthritis and inflammation, and also helps with fat digestion (combines well with fatty foods).

As if you don't already know cucumbers are one of my favorite foods, here is a little low-down on why: Cucumbers prevent water retention and bloating, are very alkalizing, and low in calories. They have silicon in their skin (so use it!), which is present in our bones, cartilage, fascia, blood vessels, hair, ligaments, lungs, lymph nodes, muscles, tendons, nails, skin, and teeth. Silicon helps to increase bone mineral density. It also helps to prevent cavities and bleeding gums, and creates flexibility and elasticity. Yes! Lemons too are very alkalizing. Curious to know more about why an alkaline diet is important? Read here.

Cool down with this one.



2 persian cucumber

2 cups ice

1 cup water

1 lemon - 4T lemon juice

1 T coconut nectar to taste or 1 T raw honey

1 handful of mint

2 T aloe vera juice

opt add 1 tsp spirulina

Toss all in blender and drink up!



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