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How Sound Can Heal

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

“The world is sound. To those who listen, everything is singing.”

- Jayananda

Calling all musicians, singers, artists, writers and sound LOVERS!

We all love music…but were you ever curious about how sound influences the health of your mind, body and spirit?

Sound is not just music notes or noise. It is everything and all around us. It is everything that comprises life - from the smallest atom to the entire universe. If something is vibrating, it is sound; sound is not only something we hear, but is a sensation that can move and change us on cellular and macrocosmic levels.

Scientific studies confirm that sound has the capacity to create change and evolution in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems. Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules used by neurons to communicate with each other. Both sound and music allow the body and mind to come into a state of deep relaxation where self-healing can happen on a subconscious level. Sound has the ability to move energy through the chakras, or energetic channels and bring them into optimal balance - healing our subtle bodies so that disease doesn’t have the chance to manifest in the physical body.

Why do I choose sound as a healing modality?

Being a DJ and yoga teacher, I am constantly creating soundscapes for healing to take place. Through playlists and creating sets, I love taking people on a journey through ebbs and flows of sound that reflect the waves of emotions that flow through us and the ups and downs we have on our spiritual journeys. I like to curate music that also motivates the movement, so people can feel the energy of where we are in class - be it slow yin, fast-paced vinyasa, or cardio sections that could elevate into a dance party. Using live and prerecorded sounds, I am exploring the full range of how sound can enhance our experience. This has now become a greater exploration into the science behind sound as a healing modality and through making music and creating soundscapes/sound baths.

Why should you invite more sound into your life?

We are what we take in.

We are not only made up of the food we eat, but everything that we take in through our five senses. When we absorb ourselves in healing sounds, mantras, and songs that remind us of all of creation and the beauty within it, we start to reflect the magic of music in our thoughts, words and actions and enter deeper into our nature as light.

Mantra and sound can wash your mind.

Mantra are repetitive sanskrit words; sanskrit is an energetic language that manifests the qualities of the words sung. When we repeat and remain focused on different aspects of the Divine through singing to Shiva, Ganesha, or Hanuman, we are clearing our minds and creating a sattvic environment so we can discover more peace and stillness in our daily lives. Less thoughts swirl as we become centered and grounded in the power of the Divine.

Sound can release blockages in the chakras.

Bija mantras are seeds, or the shortest form of mantras, and carry with them sonic energy forms of the universe. When these seeds are repeated, they sow themselves deeply into our consciousness, which has the ability to grow into a tree and ripen into fruit. They are used to expand and widen our minds, as well as remove blockages from the seven chakras that govern our subtle body. Chanting LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, AUM, and OM, opens our 1st root chakra to 7th crown chakra respectively in order for us to feel free and in balance with the light within.

Sound can bring you into alignment with your truest Self.

When we become present with the sounds moving through us, we can also become aware of the sounds going on inside of us. When we release and express ourselves through singing, chanting and moving our bodies to the vibrations, we can enter into a flow state, and allow for each word, thought and action to be in direct alignment with our Highest Self. Even if for the moment, we can shift out of being bound by our samskaras and karma, and discover the freedom in the spaciousness of silence and sound.

Bhakti can open your heart to the Divine and all of creation.

When we chant and sing with selflessness and joy in our hearts, we enter into a state of oneness with all of creation. Talk about throat chakra activation too! We discover the ultimate bliss, joy and abundance from within, and don’t rely on external circumstances or stimulation to satisfy our needs. We step into our power by discovering the potency of sound, the connection to each other and ourselves, and how it can move us closer to Spirit or the divine (or whatever resonates with you that puts you in a place of feeling more connected to source).

So, I encourage you to invite more sound into your everyday routine - whether that involves chanting in the mornings while watering the garden, or adding bija mantras to your yoga practice, or simply listening to a medicine song while dancing your heart out - let sound heal and transform your mind, body and soul.

And join me in Ibiza this October 19-25th for Sol + Tonic for a soundscape experience (with surprise guest sound artists), Joanna Lewins and myself, guiding you on a journey of Self-Realization and ultimate health and vitality.

Love and light,





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