Magical Cashew Milk Mocha

In my craze for making mushroom elixers, I wasn't so into them purely in water or on their own but wanted to find ways to incorporate them into my daily routine that felt special or even playful.

This used to be the magical mushroom mocha but then I remembered my backpacking days in Koh Phangan where the term magic meant psychedelic and you'd be out of commission for hours if you didn't know any better consuming the food at a local spot in Haad Yuan. Those kinds of places don't really exist anymore as of 2015 since tourism swelled but this drink I concocted is still magical in every sense of the word...just more medicinal than psychedelic. You are welcome!

To learn more about the nutrition benefits of mushrooms, which is a huge topic deserving of its own post, go here.


2 cups purified or alkaline water

1/2 cup cashew nuts - soaked

1-2 T cacao powder

1 T maca powder

1 packet Four Sigmatic Instant Cordyceps, Instant Reishi or Instant Chaga Mushroom Powder

1 T coconut nectar

1 T espresso beans

optional topping: cacao nibs, cinnamon

Begin by adding the espresso beans to the high-speed blender on high for just a few seconds until you have a powder. Heat 2 cups of water on the stove until not yet forming bubbles. Add the water to the blender with the espresso, then finish adding the rest of the ingredients. You may need to play around with the ratios if you like things sweeter by adding more coconut nectar or starting with 1 T cacao powder and then adding a second if you want it more chocolate-y.

The continuous blend will make this frothy like a latte and will keep it warm as well.

Enjoy in the morning or mid-day if you need a serious pick-me up. Personally I have kicked the caffeine habit (finally) and use decaf beans for this or you could also add a few drops of Medicine Flowers coffee flavor extract. Yes?


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