Mango Moringa Smoothie

Inspired by my travels through South-East Asia, this full-bodied smoothie is guaranteed to inspire!

When I first started learning about Raw Food and using a high-speed blender to create meals, I was living between Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. There was an abundance of things like coconuts, mangos, moringa, and thai bird's eye chillis, which are arguably the hottest chilli I have ever learned to cook with and have ever put to my mouth apart from the Ghost Pepper of death! I love full bodied smoothie meals when I need nourishment and my digestion is feeling sluggish. It is important to note that this is a full meal and should be considered 2 portions by the dose below. It is a bit controversial to add coconut meat (fat) and hemp seeds (protein) in with fruit such as mango as it is a dense fat and protein plus a sweet fruit, but like many things I'll write about on this blog, you have to listen to your body. For this reason, you won't find many recipes like this one but I typically have protein powder in with banana and berries in a smoothie all the time and feel you tell me. To learn more on food combining, click here.

In Southeast Asia, moringa grows like a weed. Interested to know how this protein dense, nutrient packed, superfood of a vegetable that is used like spinach could be so wildly cultivated and taken for granted, I wanted to experiment with ways in which it could be brought into the kitchen in new ways other than being cooked. So I bring you this globally inspired yet locally sourced Mango Moringa Smoothie. Enjoy!

Moringa is commonly seen in its powder or capsule form in the health food stores near the Spirulina Powders and Chlorella tablets. Here is a great write up on the benefits of this amazing tree.


1 mango

2 large medjool dates or use other dates, soaked, and added to desired sweetness.

1 TB rice bran tocos

1 TB hemp seeds

1 TB mesquite powder

5 coconut milk cubes or sub coconut water and ice

1 cup moringa fresh

1 juice of lemon

add small amount (start with small sliver) of birds eye chilli for spice and complexity.

Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender. Enjoy with a friend or place half in the fridge for later. Yum!


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