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Reflections on a Nomadic Life, Part 1

"To travel is to take a journey into yourself."

- Danny Kaye

I spent the morning swimming in the municipal pool in Santa Gertrudis, the most quaint town smack-dab in the center of the island of Ibiza in Spain. I went there mostly because my typical swim spot in Punta Galera has become full of jellyfish and my favorite oceanside gym in San Antonio has closed. I had finally found a routine and yet again had to shake it up. I dragged myself to the indoor pool and while I won't be returning to it as long as I can still swim in the sea, I thought, how lovely to do something new! For me, as long as my mornings include some kind of movement, I've become less attached to where that may be or really what it looks like even if its just 8 minutes on my yoga mat.

For me, adopting a nomadic life has been in the works for most of my life as I have always adored travel photography and filmmaking and used the camera to work my way across the world many times over. However, it wasn't until the start of 2018 that I became more serious about creating several homes or bases including Bali, Ibiza, Marrakech, Los Angeles and soon to be more. While I adore being between these spaces, I also know there will be a time soon where I call one of them home more permanently as there is something beautiful about that too.

I've found that there are pros and cons to all places and lifestyles, but for me to live and work more nomadically has brought so many valuable pros. For example, deadlines make you more inclined to take action, which means less thinking and more doing! Being limited in time makes you value it more and be more organized in how you spend it. Moving around means you care less about physical stuff as the literal weight of your things can easily become excess baggage. As a result, minimalism is often embraced, generosity and giving things away becomes the norm, as is finding support communities that embrace a similar lifestyle and can help you stay in a mindset of abundance.

As people, we get stuck...stuck in the safety of knowing; knowing the routine, the people, the source of the next paycheck, that the next episode of whatever TV show will arrive on schedule, etc. We can easily become creatures of comfort and in that is familiarity and attachment. To let go into a nomadic life is to seek making the foreign feel familiar and to create new routines and therefore exploring something new more frequently.

To live in new countries one must be humble enough to have a bad accent or to embrace broken language skills, to get lost and need to ask for directions, to get sick and be self-sufficient. There are so many reasons why we hold on to life as we know it and for some of us that have chosen to build several homes, there are so many reasons to eventually settle back into one place. I believe living in other countries has a way for us to expand in ways staying put never can. The main thing is perspective. The journey leads to new ideas, open highways, and broader horizons. This can be alienating too as the people who hold on to the safety of consistency and routine may not meet the new you - the one who has left to explore and become something different than what they were before.

In matters of love, people have to accept that the time is now, which isn’t for everyone. If they are not in the same vibration, then they will likely use your movement around the world as an excuse for them to not step out of their comfort zones, which can be the hardest blocker for most people to their growth and their happiness. Getting out of our comfort zones is a practice in and of itself! Push yourself to do something new!

It doesn’t matter the reason why you go or why you stay, I believe it’s the most important to do what feels right. More doing, more feeling into the heart, and more going for the things you want. As a sufferer of paralysis by analysis, it’s been extremely liberating to instead lead with full trust in my intuition and in divine timing.

Love and Light,




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