Savory Raw Bread

When I first started using a dehydrator and being gluten-free, I had made so many jams and spreads and really wanted something that felt and tasted like bread. I do agree there is some nice gluten-free bread out there but I have yet to find something as nutritionally dense and full of life like raw bread. I like to add a little savory flavor to this basic recipe with herbs on top but you could also fold in the herbs or fold in olives. To make this recipe a sweet bread like a raisin bread, you could add a bit more sweetener and fold in raisins at the end. The options are really available to you but I found this to be a good basic bread that will please all directions.

To begin it is important to make both date paste and irish moss paste. This requires soaking a small amount as pictured here of the sea vegetable in water for about 3-4 hours in room temperature. If you are able to find it fresh, then obviously you can skip this step, but for most of us, we will be buying ours at a health food store like here.

This paste is an amazing natural binder. For every cup of soaked moss, add 1/2 cup water to the blender to make a paste.

For the date paste, soak about 1 cup of pitted dates in enough water that it just covers the dates. After about 30 minutes, you can put the dates and the water into the blender to make a smooth paste. Make sure only to add enough water to blend but no to liquify.

To make the flours, you simply add the oats to the blender and process on the highest setting until it is in a fine powder. I like to buy sprouted organic gluten-free if I can find in the bulk bin but if it is unavailable, then regular oats should be OK too.

The flax flour is made from flax seeds. Make sure not to add any water in this process. Simply add the flax to the blender on highest setting until fine powder forms.

Now that you have these base ingredients, you can go about making your mis-en-place and getting the rest of the ingredients together.



2 cup oat flour

1/2 cup flax flour

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup date paste

1/2 cup irish moss paste

1/4 cup water

2 T EVOO or coconut oil

1 T lemon juice

2 tsp sea salt

Optional add-ons: oregano, thyme, rosemary

Blend all the liquid ingredients together. In a large mixing bowl, place all the flours and then hand mix in the liquid ingredients. Once you have made the dough, you want to make sure it can stand together but isn't too dry that it falls apart. If you need to, add more water or either coconut or oat flour. Make into a long log shape and place on the dehydrator tray. On a higher heat (yes, above 118 at about 150 or so) place the bread in the dehydrator for just 2 hours to create a crisper or firmer crust. Then take it out, slice the bread into about 1/2 inch pieces and run it for another 6-8 or so hours on 118 F.

When it is done, be sure to place in an airtight container or zip-lock bag. In the below photo, I used a fork to create the lines for places herbs into. I then also pressed them into the dough before going into the dehydrator. Note that it doesn't really matter if you use fresh or dried herbs here as they will all be dried after being in the dehydrator. This is super yum with all kinds of spreads. I love it with pesto, tomatoes or olive tapenade.

Have fun with it.



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