• Anna Bek

Sound Ceremony at Lake Atitlan

Tapping into the subtle art of deep presence through deep listening ✨

"Healing is the state

of coming into balance

and harmony with our

highest purpose."

- Steven Halpern

I didn’t know the power of my own voice until I shared two weeks in a 100 hour Sound Ceremony Training course with Jaya, Saraswati and a group of 16 shining souls at the Yoga Forest in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I had intended to learn how to host sound baths and dive deeper into integrating instruments, mantras, and kirtan in my yoga classes and DJ sets, however, I hadn’t expected that I would be singing so much and building the confidence to share my voice so freely. Voice Medicine...who knew!?

2 weeks of powerful work on ourselves meant learning how to play the many instruments, hanging out for 2 hours in the Temezcal, harmonizing over campfire, quivering voices singing out a capella for the first time, eating more heirloom blue corn hand-pressed tortillas than I ever knew was possible, and enjoying those silent pre-dawn mornings viewing the back-lit smoke coming from the active volcano across the lake and waiting for the sunrise to warm my chilled body.

Our Sound Ceremony Training course included:

· Nada yoga – the art of deep listening and being present with sound

· Mantra yoga – using mantra to enter into deeper states of consciousness

· Bhakti Yoga – devotion to the Divine through sound!

· Sound healing in individual and group settings

· Philosophy & Therapeutic application

· Shamanic journeys with sound

· Voice medicine – releasing and expressing our unique sound and soul through our voice

· Medicine music – a genre that brings attention to the elements and the Divine in all

· Daily yoga flows including vinyasa, hatha and kundalini

· Toning our voice with the drone of a Shruti box!

· Tuning – using our OMs and other bija mantras to tune to each others’ heart songs

· Chanting mantras in kirtan and in japa mala meditation

· Chakras and learning how to balance them with sound and yoga

· Hold and create space for circles and ceremony in Sacred Sound

· and of course Cacao Ceremonies!

The training allowed me to tap into the beauty of sound and the power of deep listening. There is so much that can be said in creating space for silence to still the mind, body and soul. So much gratitude to the group, each person bringing a different perspective and collectively opening my mind to a whole new realm of possibility. I've received many requests to post about my time as it truly is a unique offering in terms of training and experience. If you too are interested, you can sign up with a promo code of annabek through their website - www.sound-ceremony.com and learn all about how to get there here.


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