Spinach Pomegranate Mint Juice

There really is nothing better than cold-press juicing your own juice. When I found a 30% coupon on Williams-Sonoma, I picked up a Hurom Cold-Pressed Juicer and haven't looked back. In this way, you can test your own recipes, juice with intention, and juice organic vegetables that you know exactly when they were picked and from where by purchasing from a trusted source. The result? Full high vibrational yumminess that is so full of will wonder how you ever lived without this precious tool.

So simple too are these recipes. The only downside is...and we will get to this later...what to do with the fibrous pulp. Also to note - I enjoy apple juice, find it to be quite detoxifying and use it A LOT in my yearly Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse. So I am not afraid of it but juicing mostly fruit isn't something I recommend due to the high glycemic effect. Stick to using fruit in smoothies where you use the full fiber fruit in its whole form.

I only use fruit juice (other than pomegranate juice and black cherry juice) as a way to make the juice slightly sweeter and more palatable. In most of my juice recipes you will find a bit of apple, which can be either increased in quantity or removed altogether. I think for those who are new to juicing, you will definitely want to stick with my recommendations but you pro-juicers out there, of course take it as you'd like. I believe there is a time and place for calorie restriction and considering not adding half an apple due to its caloric effects is silly especially if you can't otherwise drink the potent greens you've just juiced. Typically speaking, I am much less about the mindset of absence of certain foods and more about filling up with the good stuff. Naturally your body responds and only wants the clean and easy to digest. You will see...My recipes are always easy to replicate/purchase and do not require a ton of thought. So let's get going on my first juice recipe!


2 heads rinsed organic spinach or 5-6 cups stuffed leaves

1 pomegranate

1 apple

1 large handful mint


To start, place the spinach into the juicer first, then add the pomegranate seeds and the handful of mint. Chop up the apple and add it too to taste. Et Voila!



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