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When you care about the food you consume, you buy less, waste less, and have a greater appreciation for the earth and the lifeforce you are choosing to fuel your body with. This is the idea behind slow food. When eating from a small-scale sustainable farm, you choose to support people who are conscious of the future of the land, the life of the animals, and the overall ecosystem surrounding it all. You also opt-out of unnecessary packaging waste and single-use plastics and opt-in to fresh food that will feed you much more for your money than something that was picked well before its time or chemically processed. Optimal freshness or produce eaten just days and sometimes even minutes from the time it was harvested, is what makes farm-t0-table style cuisine so special.


Wildly Gathered is a concept series of artfully crafted guides to farm-to-table eating that showcase the culture, practices, and recipes of people who care deeply about where their food comes from. 

Family-style dinners under the stars, farm boxes, farmer's markets, sustainable living workshops, retreat centers, movement studios, cookbooks, and cooking classes - these are a few of the ways in which these conscious businesses are creating communities around the principles of small-scale agriculture and farm-to-table eating.


The simple act of coming together to enjoy each other's company over a shared appreciation for the daily harvest is a true dining experience. Eating close to nature is not only benefiting us on a nutritional level it also makes us feel rooted, nourished and connected.

Traveling can take its toll on the body. From new bacterias, long-haul flights, and lack of access to what your body is used to, I have discovered that it has become more and more important for me to keep up with healthy habits particularly while out exploring new cultures. Thus, this travel guide series was born to help inspire you to redefine what eating "local food" looks like.









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