We are building a community of like-minded wanderers and dreamers. Together we can encourage others to feel fully alive in their bodies through nomadic living, self-care, and yoga.



This is a site about the ethereal magic of spiritual creativity and conscious living. I look to empower others to live a slower life, so they can turn routine into ritual and be more present.

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sonic yoga immersions


in Bali, Indonesia

Anchoring you in the present.

Anna Bek teaches yoga as a lifestyle of creating rituals of self-care that bring us strength, openness, and clarity. Through sacred movement, retreats to inspiring destinations, and sonic journeys, each session with her is uniquely crafted and intended to connect like-minded souls.

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october 19-25, 2019


november 2-9, 2019

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Be an explorer to discover what your medicine looks like. 🌙

Going into retreat is like a vacation for the soul. With the fast-paced nature of our lives, we tend to fall out of touch with our bodies, our minds, our goals, and our higher purpose. Our souls crave for us to push the reset button and to give ourselves an uplifting rest and revival. I invite you to establish and evolve a practice that brings more magic into your daily life, through the art and act of travel, finding flow in yoga, connecting with new cultures, and gathering inspiration in new rituals and unique flavors. Uncover the tools that heal wounds, surrender ego and restore your purpose back into being.

Invoke the nomadic spirit within you and empower yourself to restore harmony within through a healing yoga and farm-to-table food experience. Each day of retreat revolves around morning and evening classes of Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, meditation, breathwork, and ceremonies. Feel supported in your process to gather and to grow in a safe and sacred container that we continuously build throughout our time together.


Feel nourished and vibrant through living amongst the trees, streams and mountains and by eating freshly harvested organic fruits and veggies from local farmers. Feel inspired in how your daily routines can become conscious self-care rituals that build a greater sense of self and creativity. Retreat in sacred spaces with like-minded spirits to experience precious moments of connection, to soak in time, and to return back to your true nature feeling rejuvenated.

2020 season to be announced soon. 📿



I'm Anna Bek


"I like making the foreign feel familiar."

 Having spent most of my adult life behind a camera, I have come to realize I really like to study things - cultures, subjects, languages... More than anything, I am curious about the world and crave to share my findings, showing you the beauty I see 🦋


Yoga found me in a time when I was desperately looking to rebuild my relationship with my body. Through the years, I have deepened my practice even further by exploring the depths of my mind and connection to spirit. I consider yoga to mean much more than asana. For me, it is about embedding myself in history while also being a part of what yoga looks like in a modern time, which means it can be playful and intense, sweaty and fueled by music, and full of really loud breathing. Some days a simple Japamala meditation with the Gayatri Mantra is just what the mind needs too. My philosophy is more about finding what sparks joy for you in the present. My daily practice may look different from month-to-month, but it is the ritual that allows me to remain in alignment, armed with tools to navigate life's challenges. I continue to study new modalities in different parts of the world to expand my consciousness and to offer more to you. I firmly believe it takes getting out of our comfort zones to elevate 💫


It is a dream of mine to help you reclaim your natural rhythm through various styles of movement, self-care, breathwork, chanting, meditation, nutrition, and sound. I've begun curating a series of retreats with much love and intention to provide a safe container for you to explore new perspectives and to reconnect with yourself. Through the cultivation of positive habits as rituals, let's create space so you can live with more magic ✨




Dive into a sonic yoga immersion.

What are you doing in your life to spark joy and creativity? Are you claiming time for yourself to do the things that fill you up?


Be a part of an immersive group or private experience of sacred movement with sound. In community classes, 1:1 sessions, and week-long retreats, deepen your practice through Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Barre, Yoga Sculpt, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra, and detoxing. We surround you with rich natural and cultural spaces to allow you to peel back the layers of self, and enter deeper into your potential, your essence, and your light within.🌟


"Anna is a singular talent. She encompasses that rare combination of ferocity and serenity; elevating mind, body and spirit. Her commitment is contagious and her workout, unparalleled."


"I went to Anna's class as a beginner and found the right place for me despite the range of class experience. Anna is a master of grace, perfect pace, and rhythm, with great music and calming influences. She leads the class as a whole but is able to find moments for individual attention."


Anna Bek